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Meet the team.


I have been teaching group fitness classes for over 5 years and studied a Bachelor of Psychology and Diploma of Clinical Pilates. I love reformer pilates because it is a fun way to work on your strength and mobility. As a full body workout, pilates is a great way for injury prevention and rehab when we need it. I love sharing my passion of pilates with people and seeing clients become stronger and more confident with the amazing things their bodies can do. My other passion is Pole Dancing! I was lucky enough to compete in the Victorian titles in 2019. In my downtime I enjoy cuddling my doggies!


I love being a pilates instructor and feeling accomplished watching clients progress. It is so satisfying seeing people of all ages and levels of health moving and giving it a go! I became obsessed with pilates as a client and realised I wanted to do something that was rewarding and promotes well-being. In my spare time I love to go to the beach with my golden retriever, weekends away and travelling as often as I can. I love being surrounded by good coffee and people who encourage you and want to see you succeed.





I love teaching Pilates because I enjoy it so much! It is great fun and I love watching clients progress each week and seeing the joy on their faces after the class is finished! My favourite exercise would have to be side lying glutes or just anything bum burning related! In my spare time I enjoy going to Pilates classes, singing and dancing to Adele as well as anything Disney related! My favourite holiday destination is New York and DisneyWorld.



Health and fitness is my passion! I have been involved in the fitness industry for 20+ years and my love of Pilates quickly became an obsession after my first class. I feel so satisfied watching clients become fitter, stronger, improving their well being and loving it as much as I do. My favourite exercise is flying splits. It is a whole body exercise that works the core, glutes, shoulders and raises the heart rate. In my spare time I love to hang out with my family at home, including my fur babies. I enjoy eating out, watching Netflix and going to the movies. My future goal is to continue developing my skills and to take a holiday to a destination I haven’t yet explored!










I love Pilates because it allows you to bend, stretch, shorten and lengthen anything and everything. You feel muscles doing things you have never felt before and they are constant surprises! My favourite exercise is side lying glutes and I love a hold and pulse. I enjoy running, cooking, going to the beach and listening to 80s music. My favourite food is Asian with a wine!



I absolutely love the confidence and strength Pilates enables people, especially women to feel. Connecting with clients and guiding them with their Pilates journey is one of my absolute favourite things about Pilates. Not to mention it’s a booty burn like no other. 

I was a long standing client of Pilates and absolutely fell in love with it. I went on to complete my Certificate IV in Pilates in 2017 and I’ve been instructing ever since. 

In my spare time I love to spend time with loved ones, stay active and move my body in anyway that feels right in that moment. I love the beach in any season and you’ll always find me at a cute cafe on the weekends. 


IMG_5902 (1).jpg

I was involved in gymnastics for 8 years when I was younger so I’ve always been very active. This led to a further interest in health and  I decided to pursue this passion and got my certificate 4 in fitness and my Pilates certification in 2018. I’ve been working in group fitness since then, coaching classes and managing a studio. 

I love Pilates because it makes me feel empowered! I feel strong and in control on the reformer. My favourite exercise is side lying glutes!

The thing I love most in this world is my dog Bailey. I also love summertime and mango gelato.... and of course my daily coffee binge of a soy latte! Can’t forget that!

I look forward to meeting you all and reaching your goals together.


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